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Detailed Translations for simplify from English to French


to simplify verb (simplifies, simplified, simplifying)

  1. to simplify (moderate)
    faciliter; simplifier
    • faciliter verb (facilite, facilites, facilitons, facilitez, )
    • simplifier verb (simplifie, simplifies, simplifions, simplifiez, )
  2. to simplify (trace back; reduce)
    réduire à; réduire en; transformer
    • transformer verb (transforme, transformes, transformons, transformez, )
  3. to simplify (remove; transfer; shift; )
    déplacer; transférer; transposer
    • déplacer verb (déplace, déplaces, déplaçons, déplacez, )
    • transférer verb (transfère, transfères, transférons, transférez, )
    • transposer verb (transpose, transposes, transposons, transposez, )

Conjugations for simplify:

  1. simplify
  2. simplify
  3. simplifies
  4. simplify
  5. simplify
  6. simplify
simple past
  1. simplified
  2. simplified
  3. simplified
  4. simplified
  5. simplified
  6. simplified
present perfect
  1. have simplified
  2. have simplified
  3. has simplified
  4. have simplified
  5. have simplified
  6. have simplified
past continuous
  1. was simplifying
  2. were simplifying
  3. was simplifying
  4. were simplifying
  5. were simplifying
  6. were simplifying
  1. shall simplify
  2. will simplify
  3. will simplify
  4. shall simplify
  5. will simplify
  6. will simplify
continuous present
  1. am simplifying
  2. are simplifying
  3. is simplifying
  4. are simplifying
  5. are simplifying
  6. are simplifying
  1. be simplified
  2. be simplified
  3. be simplified
  4. be simplified
  5. be simplified
  6. be simplified
  1. simplify!
  2. let's simplify!
  3. simplified
  4. simplifying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for simplify:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
déplacer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform carry; move; move over; nudge; relocate; shift; transfer; transport
faciliter moderate; simplify foster
réduire en reduce; simplify; trace back
réduire à reduce; simplify; trace back
simplifier moderate; simplify streamline
transformer reduce; simplify; trace back alter; amend; barter; change; change form; convert; create; deform; disfigure; exchange; interchange; invent; make; modify; process; rebuild; reconstruct; reform; regenerate; remodel; reorganise; reorganize; reshape; reverse; review; revise; revolve; rewrite; roll; rotate; swap; swing around; switch; switch over the current; trade in; transform; transmogrify; transpose; turn; twist; twist words; use up; vary; whirl
transférer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform deposit; forward; move; relocate; remit; transfer; transpose
transposer convert; dislocate; move; reduce; remove; resolve; shift; simplify; trace back; transfer; transform transfer; transpose

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Related Definitions for "simplify":

  1. make simpler or easier or reduce in complexity or extent1
    • We had to simplify the instructions1
    • this move will simplify our lives1

Wiktionary Translations for simplify:

  1. to make simpler
  1. Rendre plus simple
  2. Réduire proportionnellement les deux termes d’une fraction

Cross Translation:
simplify simplifier vereinfachen — etwas einfacher machen oder darstellen