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Detailed Translations for skedaddle from English to French


skedaddle verb

  1. skedaddle (beat it; split)
    foutre le camp; décamper
    • décamper verb (décampe, décampes, décampons, décampez, )

Translation Matrix for skedaddle:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
décamper beat it; skedaddle; split be off; beat it; break away from; bugger off; bugger up; buzz off; clear off; clear out; depart; desert; do a moonlight flit; fuck off; get; get lost; get on; go astray; go away; go to hell; go with the wind; leave; make off; make oneself scarce; move on; pack it; piss off; push off; run away; run off; sail away; scram; take off; walk away; walk off; walk out
foutre le camp beat it; skedaddle; split beat it; get lost; go to hell; pickle; salt; souse

Related Words for "skedaddle":

  • skedaddling

Synonyms for "skedaddle":

Related Definitions for "skedaddle":

  1. a hasty flight1
  2. run away, as if in a panic1

Wiktionary Translations for skedaddle:

  1. move or run away quickly