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Detailed Translations for snow chain from English to French

snow chain:

snow chain [the ~] noun

  1. the snow chain (skid chain)

Translation Matrix for snow chain:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chaîne skid chain; snow chain T.V. channel; chain; chainlet; channel; circlet; cuff; fetter; necklace; network; ring; row; shackle; string; warp; web
chaîne antidérapante skid chain; snow chain
- tire chain

Synonyms for "snow chain":

Related Definitions for "snow chain":

  1. chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow1

Wiktionary Translations for snow chain:

snow chain
  1. a chain put on a wheel of a vehicle to give it more traction
snow chain
  1. (au pluriel) Dispositif pour éviter le dérapage

Cross Translation:
snow chain chaînes à neige Schneekette — Kette für Reifen von Fahrzeugen, für das Fortbewegen auf schneebedeckten Straßen

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