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Detailed Translations for so-called from English to French


so-called adj

  1. so-called (quasi; pseudo; seeming)
  2. so-called

Translation Matrix for so-called:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- alleged; supposed
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ainsi nommé so-called alias; also known as; called; going by the name of; known as; named; so called; what they call
dit so-called alias; called; going by the name of; known as; mentioned; named; ostensible; pretended; reputed; said; supposed
pseudo- pseudo; quasi; seeming; so-called
quasi pseudo; quasi; seeming; so-called about; almost; forthwith; nearly; well-nigh
soi-disant pseudo; quasi; seeming; so-called ostensible; pretended; reputed; supposed

Synonyms for "so-called":

Related Definitions for "so-called":

  1. doubtful or suspect1
    • these so-called experts are no help1

Wiktionary Translations for so-called:

  1. so named
  1. autoproclamé ; qui se déclare tel. — note Le sujet se prétend être ainsi.

Cross Translation:
so-called dit zogenaamd — volgens anderen zo genoemd: daarmee afstand nemend van de naam of van het begrip zelf
so-called prétendu; soi-disant zogenaamd — naar (betwijfelde) bewering
so-called soi-disant; ainsi nommé so genannt — so bezeichnen, benennen

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