Detailed Translations for steam from English to French


steam [the ~] noun

  1. the steam
    la vapeur
  2. the steam (vapour; vapor)
    la vapeur d'eau
  3. the steam (vapour; evaporation; emanation; vapor)
    l'émanation; la buée; la vapeur; l'effluve

to steam verb (steams, steamed, steaming)

  1. to steam (evaporate; smoke)
    fumer; dégager de la buée; transpirer; exhaler; dégager des vapeurs; dégager de la vapeur d'eau
    • fumer verb (fume, fumes, fumons, fumez, )
    • transpirer verb (transpire, transpires, transpirons, transpirez, )
    • exhaler verb (exhale, exhales, exhalons, exhalez, )
  2. to steam (evaporate)
    dégager des vapeurs; dégager de la buée; transpirer; s'évaporer; dégager de la vapeur d'eau

Conjugations for steam:

  1. steam
  2. steam
  3. steams
  4. steam
  5. steam
  6. steam
simple past
  1. steamed
  2. steamed
  3. steamed
  4. steamed
  5. steamed
  6. steamed
present perfect
  1. have steamed
  2. have steamed
  3. has steamed
  4. have steamed
  5. have steamed
  6. have steamed
past continuous
  1. was steaming
  2. were steaming
  3. was steaming
  4. were steaming
  5. were steaming
  6. were steaming
  1. shall steam
  2. will steam
  3. will steam
  4. shall steam
  5. will steam
  6. will steam
continuous present
  1. am steaming
  2. are steaming
  3. is steaming
  4. are steaming
  5. are steaming
  6. are steaming
  1. be steamed
  2. be steamed
  3. be steamed
  4. be steamed
  5. be steamed
  6. be steamed
  1. steam!
  2. let's steam!
  3. steamed
  4. steaming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for steam:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
buée emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour fog; haze; mist
effluve emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour
vapeur emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour evaporation; fog; haze; mist; steam-power; thick smoke; vapor; vapour
vapeur d'eau steam; vapor; vapour
émanation emanation; evaporation; steam; vapor; vapour
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dégager de la buée evaporate; smoke; steam
dégager de la vapeur d'eau evaporate; smoke; steam
dégager des vapeurs evaporate; smoke; steam fumigate; smoke
exhaler evaporate; smoke; steam smell
fumer evaporate; smoke; steam fumigate; smoke
s'évaporer evaporate; steam condense
transpirer evaporate; smoke; steam drip; filter; filter through; lose sweat; mess; perspire; secrete sweat; seep through; sweat; sweat out
- steam clean; steamer
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- water vapor; water vapour

Related Words for "steam":

Synonyms for "steam":

Related Definitions for "steam":

  1. water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere1
  2. cook something by letting steam pass over it1
    • just steam the vegetables1
  3. clean by means of steaming1
    • steam-clean the upholstered sofa1
  4. get very angry1
    • her indifference to his amorous advances really steamed the young man1
  5. travel by means of steam power1
    • The ship steamed off into the Pacific1
  6. rise as vapor1
  7. emit steam1

Wiktionary Translations for steam:

  1. water vapor
  2. water vapor used for heating or as source of kinetic energy
  1. cooking: to cook with steam
  1. Exhalaison gazeuse
  2. Vapeur d’eau
  3. phys|fr eau dans la phase gazeuse.

Cross Translation:
steam vapeur stoom — (natuurkunde, nld), techniek|nld gasvormige aggregatietoestand van water
steam vapeur Dampf — ein Gas, das meist noch in Kontakt mit der flüssigen bzw. festen Phase steht, aus der es hervorgegangen ist
steam vapeur; brume Wrasen — Dampf, dichter Dunst
steam fumer dampfen — Dampf entwickeln, Dampf ausstoßen
steam cuire à la vapeur dämpfenGastronomie: mit Hilfe von Dampf garen
steam faire cuire à la vapeur dünsten — Speisen im geschlossenen Gefäß garen, dämpfen

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