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  1. stupify:


Detailed Translations for stupify from English to French


stupify verb

  1. stupify (daze; overcome)
    épater; envahir; accabler; terrasser; bluffer; surcharger
    • épater verb (épate, épates, épatons, épatez, )
    • envahir verb (envahis, envahit, envahissons, envahissez, )
    • accabler verb (accable, accables, accablons, accablez, )
    • terrasser verb (terrasse, terrasses, terrassons, terrassez, )
    • bluffer verb (bluffe, bluffes, bluffons, bluffez, )
    • surcharger verb (surcharge, surcharges, surchargeons, surchargez, )

Translation Matrix for stupify:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accabler daze; overcome; stupify aggravate; burden
bluffer daze; overcome; stupify boast; brag; overstate; swank; talk big; tout
envahir daze; overcome; stupify bore through; break into; bring to submission; bring under control; come in; control; drop by; drop in; enter; enter by force; enter the harbour; fall in; force one's way in; go in; invade; march in; overcome; overpower; overwhelm; penetrate; pierce; subject; take possession of something; tame; visit
surcharger daze; overcome; stupify overburden; overload; overwhelm
terrasser daze; overcome; stupify overcome; overpower; overwhelm; take possession of something; tame
épater daze; overcome; stupify