Detailed Translations for take a chance from English to French

take a chance:

to take a chance verb (takes a chance, took a chance, taking a chance)

  1. to take a chance (take a risk; gamble; bet)
    parier; prendre le risque; jouer; spéculer; faire des spéculations
    • parier verb (parie, paries, parions, pariez, )
    • jouer verb (joue, joues, jouons, jouez, )
    • spéculer verb (spécule, spécules, spéculons, spéculez, )
  2. to take a chance (do risky business; venture; gamble; speculate; take a risk)

Conjugations for take a chance:

  1. take a chance
  2. take a chance
  3. takes a chance
  4. take a chance
  5. take a chance
  6. take a chance
simple past
  1. took a chance
  2. took a chance
  3. took a chance
  4. took a chance
  5. took a chance
  6. took a chance
present perfect
  1. have taken a chance
  2. have taken a chance
  3. has taken a chance
  4. have taken a chance
  5. have taken a chance
  6. have taken a chance
past continuous
  1. was taking a chance
  2. were taking a chance
  3. was taking a chance
  4. were taking a chance
  5. were taking a chance
  6. were taking a chance
  1. shall take a chance
  2. will take a chance
  3. will take a chance
  4. shall take a chance
  5. will take a chance
  6. will take a chance
continuous present
  1. am taking a chance
  2. are taking a chance
  3. is taking a chance
  4. are taking a chance
  5. are taking a chance
  6. are taking a chance
  1. be taken a chance
  2. be taken a chance
  3. be taken a chance
  4. be taken a chance
  5. be taken a chance
  6. be taken a chance
  1. take a chance!
  2. let's take a chance!
  3. taken a chance
  4. taking a chance
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for take a chance:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
faire des affaires risquées do risky business; gamble; speculate; take a chance; take a risk; venture
faire des spéculations bet; gamble; take a chance; take a risk bet with shares; conjecture; speculate
jouer bet; gamble; take a chance; take a risk act; act a part; bet with shares; conjecture; dramatise; dramatize; impersonate; perform; play; play the role of; play up; play up in a cardgame; play-act; plonk; pluck strings; pretend; speculate; strike up
parier bet; gamble; take a chance; take a risk bet; bet on; wager
prendre le risque bet; gamble; take a chance; take a risk
spéculer bet; gamble; take a chance; take a risk bet with shares; conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise
- adventure; chance; gamble; hazard; risk; run a risk; take chances

Synonyms for "take a chance":

Related Definitions for "take a chance":

  1. take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome1

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