Detailed Translations for tax from English to French


tax [the ~] noun

  1. the tax (fee; costs; levy; legal charges; dues)
    le coûts; le frais; le droits; le prélèvement; la perception; la levée; la redevance; le droits d'expédition
  2. the tax (taxes; taxation)
    l'impôts; la taxes; la taxe; l'impôt; la contribution
  3. the tax (duties; taxes)
    la taxes; l'impôts; la perceptions; la charge; le fisc; la levées; l'impôt; le prélèvements; l'imposition; la redevances
  4. the tax

to tax verb (taxes, taxed, taxing)

  1. to tax (evaluate; rate)
    enfoncer; évaluer; clouer; taxer
    • enfoncer verb (enfonce, enfonces, enfonçons, enfoncez, )
    • évaluer verb (évalue, évalues, évaluons, évaluez, )
    • clouer verb (cloue, cloues, clouons, clouez, )
    • taxer verb (taxe, taxes, taxons, taxez, )

Conjugations for tax:

  1. tax
  2. tax
  3. taxes
  4. tax
  5. tax
  6. tax
simple past
  1. taxed
  2. taxed
  3. taxed
  4. taxed
  5. taxed
  6. taxed
present perfect
  1. have taxed
  2. have taxed
  3. has taxed
  4. have taxed
  5. have taxed
  6. have taxed
past continuous
  1. was taxing
  2. were taxing
  3. was taxing
  4. were taxing
  5. were taxing
  6. were taxing
  1. shall tax
  2. will tax
  3. will tax
  4. shall tax
  5. will tax
  6. will tax
continuous present
  1. am taxing
  2. are taxing
  3. is taxing
  4. are taxing
  5. are taxing
  6. are taxing
  1. be taxed
  2. be taxed
  3. be taxed
  4. be taxed
  5. be taxed
  6. be taxed
  1. tax!
  2. let's tax!
  3. taxed
  4. taxing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for tax:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
charge duties; tax; taxes assault; attack; burden; cargo; carrying-traffic; charge; charges; chartering; electrical charge; freight; freighting; freightment; goods-traffic; load; loading; raid; road transport; run; rush; scaling; shipment; static; static electricity; storming; tax collectors office; transfer; transport; transportation; weight
contribution tax; taxation; taxes brought-in capital; contribution; hand over; input; membership-fee; paying off; payment; portion; settlement
coûts costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax
droits costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax rights; user rights
droits d'expédition costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax
fisc duties; tax; taxes tax collectors office
frais costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax charge; chill; cold snap; cool; cooling; coolness; cost; expense; expenses; spending
imposition duties; tax; taxes imposition; laying on; tax assessment; tax collectors office
impôt duties; tax; taxation; taxes government tax; road tax; tax collectors office
impôts duties; tax; taxation; taxes federal taxes; national taxes; tax collectors office
levée costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax clinch; conscription; draft; holding up; launching; lifting; lifting up; putting up; raising; settlement
levées duties; tax; taxes tax collectors office
perception costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax apperception; collection; detection; feeling; observation; observe; perception; perceptive faculty; perceptivity; powers of perception; recovery; sensation; sensory perception; tax collectors office
perceptions duties; tax; taxes tax collectors office
prélèvement costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax advance levy; picking list; road tax
prélèvements duties; tax; taxes tax collectors office
redevance costs; dues; fee; legal charges; levy; tax charges; royalty
redevances duties; tax; taxes tax collectors office
taxe tax; taxation; taxes road tax; sales tax; tax collectors office
taxes duties; tax; taxation; taxes tax collectors office
- revenue enhancement; taxation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clouer evaluate; rate; tax catch; clamp; clasp; drive in nails; grab; grasp; grip; hammer; nail; nail down; rivet together; seize; spike; take hold of
enfoncer evaluate; rate; tax break open; crack; cut open; decode; dent; drive; drive in; drive piles; force open; impress; kick open; press; press down; push down; push in; push through; ram; split open; tap in; tear open; type in
taxer evaluate; rate; tax advise; calculate; compute; consider; estimate; suggest; think over; work out
évaluer evaluate; rate; tax advise; calculate; compute; consider; devise; estimate; figure out; suggest; think over; work out
- assess; task
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- duty; impose a tax on; impose taxes on; impose taxes upon; imposition
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
frais airy; chilli; chilly; cool; cooled; coolly; fresh; freshly-baked; frozen; little fresh; new; somewhat cold; too fresh

Related Words for "tax":

Synonyms for "tax":

Related Definitions for "tax":

  1. charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government1
  2. make a charge against or accuse1
    • They taxed him failure to appear in court1
  3. use to the limit1
    • you are taxing my patience1
  4. levy a tax on1
    • The State taxes alcohol heavily1
    • Clothing is not taxed in our state1
  5. set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine)1

Wiktionary Translations for tax:

  1. money paid to government
  1. Relatif aux taxes et à l'impôt.
  1. soumettre à l’impôt, imposer, taxer.
  2. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  1. charge public, droit imposer sur certaines choses.
  2. (vieilli) fixation faite officiellement du prix des denrées, des frais de justice, du port des lettres, etc.

Cross Translation:
tax taxe belasting — door de wet gedwongen betaling aan de overheid zonder individuele tegenprestatie van die overheid
tax taxe Abgabe — Zahlungen an Behörden

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