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Detailed Translations for throttle back from English to French

throttle back:

to throttle back verb (throttles back, throttled back, throttling back)

  1. to throttle back (ease off; throttle down; take things easy)
    se freiner; ralentir
    • se freiner verb
    • ralentir verb (ralentis, ralentit, ralentissons, ralentissez, )

Conjugations for throttle back:

  1. throttle back
  2. throttle back
  3. throttles back
  4. throttle back
  5. throttle back
  6. throttle back
simple past
  1. throttled back
  2. throttled back
  3. throttled back
  4. throttled back
  5. throttled back
  6. throttled back
present perfect
  1. have throttled back
  2. have throttled back
  3. has throttled back
  4. have throttled back
  5. have throttled back
  6. have throttled back
past continuous
  1. was throttling back
  2. were throttling back
  3. was throttling back
  4. were throttling back
  5. were throttling back
  6. were throttling back
  1. shall throttle back
  2. will throttle back
  3. will throttle back
  4. shall throttle back
  5. will throttle back
  6. will throttle back
continuous present
  1. am throttling back
  2. are throttling back
  3. is throttling back
  4. are throttling back
  5. are throttling back
  6. are throttling back
  1. be throttled back
  2. be throttled back
  3. be throttled back
  4. be throttled back
  5. be throttled back
  6. be throttled back
  1. throttle back!
  2. let's throttle back!
  3. throttled back
  4. throttling back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for throttle back:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ralentir ease off; take things easy; throttle back; throttle down brake; delay; deter; drag out; put a brake on; retard; slacken; slow down; stop; temporise; temporize
se freiner ease off; take things easy; throttle back; throttle down

Wiktionary Translations for throttle back:

throttle back
  1. Limiter la puissance d'un moteur

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