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titanic adj

  1. titanic (gigantic; colossal)

Translation Matrix for titanic:

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- irrepressable; irrepressible; revolutionary
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
titanesque colossal; gigantic; titanic colossal; enormous; gigantic; huge; immense; stupendous; to a huge extent; vast
titanique colossal; gigantic; titanic
énorme colossal; gigantic; titanic abundant; amazing; ample; amply; astonishing; astounding; at large extent; big; colossal; comprehensive; considerable; conspicuous; copious; detailed; elaborate; enormous; enormously; extensive; formidable; gigantic; great; gross; huge; immense; immensely; large; large as life; lavish; lengthy; life size; marvellous; marvelous; memorable; mighty; mile-high; miraculous; momentous; mountaineous; mountainous; notable; out of proportion; plentifull; powerful; remarkable; respectable; rich; sky-high; startling; striking; stupendous; substantial; surprising; tall; telling; terrible; to a huge extent; towering; tremendous; vast; very large; wide; widespread; wonderful

Synonyms for "titanic":

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  1. of great force or power1

Wiktionary Translations for titanic:

  1. titanic

Cross Translation:
titanic gigantesque gigantisch — riesenhaft, wie ein Gigant, in den Ausmaßen eines Giganten

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