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Detailed Translations for unkempt from English to French


Translation Matrix for unkempt:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
négligé negligee
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dérangé unkempt; untidy crazy; daft; disorderly; disorganised; disorganized; foolish; funny; idiotic; insane; loony; mad; nuts; odd; potty; ridiculous; silly; stark mad; stark raving mad; stark staring mad; stupid; untidy
désordonné unkempt; untidy chaotic; confused; disorderly; disorganised; disorganized; littered; mixed up; not tidy; pell mell; unorganised; unorganized; untidy
en désordre unkempt; untidy chaotic; confused; disordered; disorderly; disorganised; disorganized; higgledy-piggledy; in disorder; jumbled; littered; mistaken; mixed up; not tidy; pell mell; wrong
mal soigné unkempt; untidy neglected
négligé unkempt; untidy baggy; grubby; messy; neglected; omitted; shoddy; slatternly; sloppy; slovenly
sans ordre unkempt; untidy disorderly; disorganised; disorganized; untidy

Synonyms for "unkempt":

Related Definitions for "unkempt":

  1. not properly maintained or cared for1
    • an unkempt garden1
    • native vistas and unkempt rambling paths1
  2. not neatly combed1
    • wild unkempt hair1

Wiktionary Translations for unkempt:

  1. dishevelled; untidy; dirty; not kept up