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Detailed Translations for unmask from English to French


to unmask verb (unmasks, unmasked, unmasking)

  1. to unmask (expose)
    découvrir; démasquer; exposer; mettre à nu
    • découvrir verb (découvre, découvres, découvrons, découvrez, )
    • démasquer verb (démasque, démasques, démasquons, démasquez, )
    • exposer verb (expose, exposes, exposons, exposez, )

Conjugations for unmask:

  1. unmask
  2. unmask
  3. unmasks
  4. unmask
  5. unmask
  6. unmask
simple past
  1. unmasked
  2. unmasked
  3. unmasked
  4. unmasked
  5. unmasked
  6. unmasked
present perfect
  1. have unmasked
  2. have unmasked
  3. has unmasked
  4. have unmasked
  5. have unmasked
  6. have unmasked
past continuous
  1. was unmasking
  2. were unmasking
  3. was unmasking
  4. were unmasking
  5. were unmasking
  6. were unmasking
  1. shall unmask
  2. will unmask
  3. will unmask
  4. shall unmask
  5. will unmask
  6. will unmask
continuous present
  1. am unmasking
  2. are unmasking
  3. is unmasking
  4. are unmasking
  5. are unmasking
  6. are unmasking
  1. be unmasked
  2. be unmasked
  3. be unmasked
  4. be unmasked
  5. be unmasked
  6. be unmasked
  1. unmask!
  2. let's unmask!
  3. unmasked
  4. unmasking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for unmask:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
découvrir expose; unmask admit; allocate; bare; detect; dig up; disclose; discover; expose; ferret out; find out; lay bare; learn; localise; localize; locate; meet; open; open up; reveal; solve; spot; trace; uncover; unlock; unravel
démasquer expose; unmask
exposer expose; unmask be on show; clarify; display; elucidate; exemplify; exhibit; explain; expose; expound; illustrate; lay bare; offer; open; open up; parade; present; show; throw light on; uncover; unlock
mettre à nu expose; unmask bare; do a striptease; open; open up; strip; uncover; undress; unlock
- uncloak

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Related Definitions for "unmask":

  1. reveal the true nature of1
    • The journal article unmasked the corrupt politician1
  2. take the mask off1
    • unmask the imposter1

Wiktionary Translations for unmask:

  1. to remove a mask from someone
  2. to expose the true character of someone
  3. to remove one's mask
  1. Faire reconnaître quelqu’un en ôtant le masque qu’il a sur le visage
  2. Faire connaître quelqu’un pour ce qu’il est

Cross Translation:
unmask démasquer ontmaskeren — de ware aard laten zien van iets of iemand