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  1. volcano eruption:


Detailed Translations for volcano eruption from English to French

volcano eruption:

volcano eruption [the ~] noun

  1. the volcano eruption
    l'éruption volcanique; l'éclat; le fracas; l'explosion; la détonation; le grondement

Translation Matrix for volcano eruption:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
détonation volcano eruption bang; banging; blast; boom; crack; detonation; discharge; explosion; pop; sudden explosion
explosion volcano eruption bang; blast; boom; bursting; crack; detonation; discharge; emotionale outburst; eruption; explosion; falling-out; outbreak; outburst; pop; sudden explosion
fracas volcano eruption bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; din; discharge; explosion; howling; hubbub; hum; movement; noise; roar; roaring; rumor; rumour; smack; sudden explosion; thud; thump; yelling
grondement volcano eruption bang; blast; boom; booming; bump; crash; din; discharge; drone; explosion; grouching; grousing; growl; growling; grumbling; howling; howling of the wind; lamentation; pounding; roaring; rumbling; smack; smack one's lips; snarl; snarling; snoring; sudden explosion; thud; thump; thumping; thundering
éclat volcano eruption ado; bang; blast; boom; brilliance; bump; commotion; crash; curl of hair; discharge; emotionale outburst; eruption; explosion; falling-out; flash; flicker; flickering; fragment; fuss; gleam; glimmering; glint; glitter; glittering; glow; glow effect; light signal; outburst; outer glow; radiance; shard; shine; smack; song and dance; sparkle; sparkling; splinter; sudden explosion; thud; thump; to-do; twinkling
éruption volcanique volcano eruption volcanic eruption

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