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  1. walk over:


Detailed Translations for walk over from English to French

walk over:

to walk over verb (walks over, walked over, walking over)

  1. to walk over (walk upon; tread on; tread upon)
    entrer dans; marcher sur; suivre; passer par
    • suivre verb (suis, suit, suivons, suivez, )
    • passer par verb

Conjugations for walk over:

  1. walk over
  2. walk over
  3. walks over
  4. walk over
  5. walk over
  6. walk over
simple past
  1. walked over
  2. walked over
  3. walked over
  4. walked over
  5. walked over
  6. walked over
present perfect
  1. have walked over
  2. have walked over
  3. has walked over
  4. have walked over
  5. have walked over
  6. have walked over
past continuous
  1. was walking over
  2. were walking over
  3. was walking over
  4. were walking over
  5. were walking over
  6. were walking over
  1. shall walk over
  2. will walk over
  3. will walk over
  4. shall walk over
  5. will walk over
  6. will walk over
continuous present
  1. am walking over
  2. are walking over
  3. is walking over
  4. are walking over
  5. are walking over
  6. are walking over
  1. be walked over
  2. be walked over
  3. be walked over
  4. be walked over
  5. be walked over
  6. be walked over
  1. walk over!
  2. let's walk over!
  3. walked over
  4. walking over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for walk over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
entrer dans tread on; tread upon; walk over; walk upon break into; come in; draw in; drive in; enter; enter by force; force one's way in; get in; go in; go inside; go into; import; infiltrate; intrude; invade; penetrate; pull in; ride in; sail into; set foot on
marcher sur tread on; tread upon; walk over; walk upon go across; go over; walk across
passer par tread on; tread upon; walk over; walk upon come through; drive through
suivre tread on; tread upon; walk over; walk upon chase; come after; comply; comply with; ensue; follow; go after; heed; imitate; keep pace with; keep up with; listen; live up to; obey; pursue; run after; trace; track

Synonyms for "walk over":

Related Definitions for "walk over":

  1. beat easily1

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