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  1. wander from:


Detailed Translations for wander from from English to French

wander from:

to wander from verb (wanders from, wandered from, wandering from)

  1. to wander from (get away from)
    perdre; sortir de; s'écarter de
    • perdre verb (perds, perd, perdons, perdez, )
    • sortir de verb

Conjugations for wander from:

  1. wander from
  2. wander from
  3. wanders from
  4. wander from
  5. wander from
  6. wander from
simple past
  1. wandered from
  2. wandered from
  3. wandered from
  4. wandered from
  5. wandered from
  6. wandered from
present perfect
  1. have wandered from
  2. have wandered from
  3. has wandered from
  4. have wandered from
  5. have wandered from
  6. have wandered from
past continuous
  1. was wandering from
  2. were wandering from
  3. was wandering from
  4. were wandering from
  5. were wandering from
  6. were wandering from
  1. shall wander from
  2. will wander from
  3. will wander from
  4. shall wander from
  5. will wander from
  6. will wander from
continuous present
  1. am wandering from
  2. are wandering from
  3. is wandering from
  4. are wandering from
  5. are wandering from
  6. are wandering from
  1. be wandered from
  2. be wandered from
  3. be wandered from
  4. be wandered from
  5. be wandered from
  6. be wandered from
  1. wander from!
  2. let's wander from!
  3. wandered from
  4. wandering from
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for wander from:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
perdre get away from; wander from be lost; be missed; be missing; bet; bet away; bet on; fall through; forfeit; gamble away; get lost; get the worst of; lose; make a slip; miss; slip; sneak; steal; taste defeat; throw away; wager
s'écarter de get away from; wander from
sortir de get away from; wander from bring it off; carry it out; emerge; go out; manage

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