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  1. absolve:


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Translation Matrix for absolve:

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- free; justify; shrive

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Related Definitions for "absolve":

  1. let off the hook1
    • I absolve you from this responsibility1
  2. grant remission of a sin to1
    • The priest absolved him and told him to say ten Hail Mary's1

Wiktionary Translations for absolve:

  1. obsolete: finish, accomplish
  2. obsolete: resolve or explain
  3. theology: pronounce free or give absolution from sin
  4. pronounce free or give absolution
  5. set free

Cross Translation:
absolve vrijspreken; absolveren absolvierenReligion: Absolution erteilen
absolve vrijspreken; absolveren; de absolutie geven absoudre — (term, Droit criminel) renvoyer de l’accusation une personne reconnaître l’auteur d’un fait qui n’est pas qualifier punissable par la loi.
absolve vrijspreken; absolveren; de absolutie geven; kwijtschelden; vereffenen; verrekenen; afbetalen acquitterrendre quitte, libérer des dettes. Il se dit en parlant des personne et des choses.