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Detailed Translations for implicate from English to Dutch


to implicate verb (implicates, implicated, implicating)

  1. to implicate (imply)
    • impliceren verb (impliceert, impliceerde, geïmpliceerd)

Conjugations for implicate:

  1. implicate
  2. implicate
  3. implicates
  4. implicate
  5. implicate
  6. implicate
simple past
  1. implicated
  2. implicated
  3. implicated
  4. implicated
  5. implicated
  6. implicated
present perfect
  1. have implicated
  2. have implicated
  3. has implicated
  4. have implicated
  5. have implicated
  6. have implicated
past continuous
  1. was implicating
  2. were implicating
  3. was implicating
  4. were implicating
  5. were implicating
  6. were implicating
  1. shall implicate
  2. will implicate
  3. will implicate
  4. shall implicate
  5. will implicate
  6. will implicate
continuous present
  1. am implicating
  2. are implicating
  3. is implicating
  4. are implicating
  5. are implicating
  6. are implicating
  1. be implicated
  2. be implicated
  3. be implicated
  4. be implicated
  5. be implicated
  6. be implicated
  1. implicate!
  2. let's implicate!
  3. implicated
  4. implicating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for implicate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
impliceren implicate; imply
- entail

Related Words for "implicate":

  • implicating, implicated

Synonyms for "implicate":

Related Definitions for "implicate":

  1. impose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result1
  2. bring into intimate and incriminating connection1
    • He is implicated in the scheme to defraud the government1

Wiktionary Translations for implicate:

  1. to connect or involve

Cross Translation:
implicate betrekken; verstrikken; verwarren; verwikkelen empêtrerengager dans des entraves, dans ce qui gêner. — note Il se dit proprement parler des pieds, des jambes.
implicate betrekken; verstrikken; verwarren; verwikkelen entortillerenvelopper un objet dans quelque chose que l’on tortiller ou tortiller quelque chose autour d’un objet.
implicate impliceren; insluiten impliquerenvelopper, engager, en parlant d’un crime ou de quelque affaire fâcheux.