Detailed Translations for ricochet from English to Dutch


to ricochet verb (ricochets, ricocheted, ricocheting)

  1. to ricochet
    ricocheren; afketsen

Conjugations for ricochet:

  1. ricochet
  2. ricochet
  3. ricochets
  4. ricochet
  5. ricochet
  6. ricochet
simple past
  1. ricocheted
  2. ricocheted
  3. ricocheted
  4. ricocheted
  5. ricocheted
  6. ricocheted
present perfect
  1. have ricocheted
  2. have ricocheted
  3. has ricocheted
  4. have ricocheted
  5. have ricocheted
  6. have ricocheted
past continuous
  1. was ricocheting
  2. were ricocheting
  3. was ricocheting
  4. were ricocheting
  5. were ricocheting
  6. were ricocheting
  1. shall ricochet
  2. will ricochet
  3. will ricochet
  4. shall ricochet
  5. will ricochet
  6. will ricochet
continuous present
  1. am ricocheting
  2. are ricocheting
  3. is ricocheting
  4. are ricocheting
  5. are ricocheting
  6. are ricocheting
  1. be ricocheted
  2. be ricocheted
  3. be ricocheted
  4. be ricocheted
  5. be ricocheted
  6. be ricocheted
  1. ricochet!
  2. let's ricochet!
  3. ricocheted
  4. ricocheting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

ricochet [the ~] noun

  1. the ricochet (strike back; fling back)
    ricocheren; afketsen; terugkaatsen; afstuiten

Translation Matrix for ricochet:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afketsen fling back; ricochet; strike back
afstuiten fling back; ricochet; strike back
ricocheren fling back; ricochet; strike back
terugkaatsen fling back; ricochet; strike back
- carom
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afketsen ricochet outvote; reject; vote down
afstuiten rebound; recoil
ricocheren ricochet
terugkaatsen be reflected; cast back; echo; mirror; reflect; reverberate; strike back
- bounce; bound; rebound; recoil; resile; reverberate; spring; take a hop

Related Words for "ricochet":

  • ricocheting, ricochets

Synonyms for "ricochet":

Related Definitions for "ricochet":

  1. a glancing rebound1
  2. spring back; spring away from an impact1

Wiktionary Translations for ricochet:

Cross Translation:
ricochet opflikkeren; opleven; aanslaan; opspringen; stuiten; afstuiten; terugspringen rebondir — Faire un ou plusieurs bonds.

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