Detailed Translations for to guide from English to Dutch


to guide verb (guides, guided, guiding)

  1. to guide (point the direction; lead; direct)
    leiden; begeleiden; voeren; meevoeren
    • leiden verb (leid, leidt, leidde, leidden, geleid)
    • begeleiden verb (begeleid, begeleidt, begeleidde, begeleidden, begeleid)
    • voeren verb (voer, voert, voerde, voerden, gevoerd)
    • meevoeren verb (voer mee, voert mee, voerde mee, voerden mee, meegevoerd)
  2. to guide (point the direction; lead)
    in goede banen leiden
    • in goede banen leiden verb (leid in goede banen, leidt in goede banen, leidde in goede banen, leidden in goede banen, in goede banen geleden)

Conjugations for guide:

  1. guide
  2. guide
  3. guides
  4. guide
  5. guide
  6. guide
simple past
  1. guided
  2. guided
  3. guided
  4. guided
  5. guided
  6. guided
present perfect
  1. have guided
  2. have guided
  3. has guided
  4. have guided
  5. have guided
  6. have guided
past continuous
  1. was guiding
  2. were guiding
  3. was guiding
  4. were guiding
  5. were guiding
  6. were guiding
  1. shall guide
  2. will guide
  3. will guide
  4. shall guide
  5. will guide
  6. will guide
continuous present
  1. am guiding
  2. are guiding
  3. is guiding
  4. are guiding
  5. are guiding
  6. are guiding
  1. be guided
  2. be guided
  3. be guided
  4. be guided
  5. be guided
  6. be guided
  1. guide!
  2. let's guide!
  3. guided
  4. guiding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

guide [the ~] noun

  1. the guide (mentor; leader)
    de gids; de begeleider; de loods; de leidsman
  2. the guide (statute; charter; house rules)
    de richtlijn; de aanwijzing
  3. the guide (companion)
    de begeleidster
  4. the guide (host)
    de gids; reisbegeleider
  5. the guide (travel guide; tour guide; travel brochure; guide book)
    de gids; de reisgids; de reisleider; de reisleidster
  6. the guide
  7. the guide
    het handboek
  8. the guide
    – A non-printing line or point that can be used to help position or align objects or text. 1
    de hulplijn

Translation Matrix for guide:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanwijzing charter; guide; house rules; statute assignment; clue; command; cue; evidence; forerunner; harbinger; herald; hint; indication; instruction; lead; omen; order; pointer; sign; starting point; suggestion; symptom; tip; tip-off
begeleider guide; leader; mentor supervisor; tutor
begeleidster companion; guide
gids guide; guide book; host; leader; mentor; tour guide; travel brochure; travel guide companion; information guide; instruction book; instruction booklet; manual
handboek guide directory; handbook; instructions; instructions for use; manual
hulplijn guide lined guide; rescue line
leidsman guide; leader; mentor foreman; front-rank man
loods guide; leader; mentor construction shed; hangar; shanty; shed; site hut
reisbegeleider guide; host
reisgids guide; guide book; tour guide; travel brochure; travel guide tourist guide; travel guide
reisleider guide; guide book; tour guide; travel brochure; travel guide
reisleidster guide; guide book; tour guide; travel brochure; travel guide
richtlijn charter; guide; house rules; statute directive; guideline; precept; regulation; rule
rondleider guide
voeren feeding; foddering; foraging; nourishing
- guidebook; pathfinder; scout; template; templet; usher
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begeleiden direct; guide; lead; point the direction accompany; chaperon; come along with; conduct; escort; lead about; show around; walk along
in goede banen leiden guide; lead; point the direction
leiden direct; guide; lead; point the direction be in command of; command; direct; lead; order; preside; take the lead
meevoeren direct; guide; lead; point the direction
voeren direct; guide; lead; point the direction feed
- conduct; direct; draw; guide on; lead; pass; run; steer; take
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cicerone; councellor; direct; example; instructor; leader; leader of an expedition; observance; skid rail; slide; slide bar; supervisor; teacher; tutor

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Synonyms for "guide":

Related Definitions for "guide":

  1. a structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something2
  2. a model or standard for making comparisons2
  3. something that offers basic information or instruction2
  4. someone who shows the way by leading or advising2
  5. someone who can find paths through unexplored territory2
  6. someone employed to conduct others2
  7. pass over, across, or through2
  8. take somebody somewhere2
  9. use as a guide2
  10. be a guiding or motivating force or drive2
  11. A non-printing line or point that can be used to help position or align objects or text.1

Wiktionary Translations for guide:

  1. someone who guides, especially someone hired to show people around a place
  1. een persoon die een groep begeleid en uitleg geeft

Cross Translation:
guide leidraad Leitfaden — kurz gefasste Darstellung zur Einführung in ein Wissensgebiet
guide resulteren; uitkomen; volgen; voortkomen; voortspruiten; voortvloeien; belenden; grenzen aan; besturen; brengen; leiden; geleiden; voeren; uitgaan; uitlopen; uitstappen; uitstijgen; uittreden; bereiken; behalen; inhalen; reiken tot; leiden tot; uitdraaien op; uitlopen op aboutirtoucher par un bout.
guide besturen; sturen; brengen; leiden; geleiden; voeren conduiremener, guider, diriger vers un lieu déterminé.
guide de weg wijzen; leiden; geleiden; rondleiden guideraccompagner quelqu’un pour lui montrer le chemin.
guide stemmen; regelen; reglementeren; reguleren; vereffenen; inrichten; ruimen; opruimen; schikken; terechtbrengen; de weg wijzen; leiden; geleiden; rondleiden réglertirer avec la règle des lignes droites sur du papier, du parchemin, du carton, etc. cf|papier réglé.

Wiktionary Translations for to guide:

Cross Translation:
to guide leiden; leiding geven cornaquerdiriger.

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