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Detailed Translations for appetite from English to Dutch


appetite [the ~] noun

  1. the appetite (hunger)
    de eetlust; de zin; de lust; de trek
  2. the appetite (hunger)
    de honger; de trek; het hongergevoel; hongerigheid

Translation Matrix for appetite:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
eetlust appetite; hunger
honger appetite; hunger hunger
hongergevoel appetite; hunger
hongerigheid appetite; hunger
lust appetite; hunger amusement; ardor; ardour; craving; craze; desire; frenzy; fun; horniness; hunger; lewdness; longing; lust; passion; passionate desire; pleasure; randiness; rankness; sexual desire; the hots; urge; wanting; wish; yearning
trek appetite; hunger air lock; draft; feel like a bite; pull
zin appetite; hunger drift; expression; fascination; feel like a bite; fervor; fervour; horniness; intention; interest; lewdness; meaning; merit; phrase; purpose; randiness; saying; significance; statement; term; the hots; turn of phrase; use; value; worth
- appetence; appetency

Related Words for "appetite":

  • appetites

Synonyms for "appetite":

Related Definitions for "appetite":

  1. a feeling of craving something1
    • an appetite for life1

Wiktionary Translations for appetite:

  1. desire of or relish for food
  1. eetlust
  2. de behoefte om voedsel tot zich te nemen.
  3. verlangen naar eten

Cross Translation:
appetite eetlust AppetitLust zu, am Essen, das Verlangen zu essen

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