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  1. be accurate:


Detailed Translations for be accurate from English to Dutch

be accurate:

be accurate verb

  1. be accurate (be correct)
    kloppen; overeenstemmen; juist zijn
    • kloppen verb (klop, klopt, klopte, klopten, geklopt)
    • overeenstemmen verb (stem overeen, stemt overeen, stemde overeen, stemden overeen, overeen gestemd)
    • juist zijn verb (ben juist, bent juist, is juist, was juist, waren juist, juist geweest)

Translation Matrix for be accurate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kloppen knocking; palpitations; throbbing
overeenstemmen agreeing; arranging
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
juist zijn be accurate; be correct
kloppen be accurate; be correct agree; be correct; correspond to; knock; match; palpitate; tap; tap at; throb; tremble
overeenstemmen be accurate; be correct agree; concur; conform to; correspond to; correspond with; form a harmonious entirety; harmonise; harmonize; match

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