Detailed Translations for be drastic from English to Dutch

be drastic:

to be drastic verb (is drastic, being drastic)

  1. to be drastic (get to work)
    spijkers met koppen slaan; aanpakken; doortastend zijn
    • spijkers met koppen slaan verb (sla spijkers met koppen, slaat spijkers met koppen, sloeg spijkers met koppen, sloegen spijkers met koppen, spijkers met koppen geslagen)
    • aanpakken verb (pak aan, pakt aan, pakte aan, pakten aan, aangepakt)
    • doortastend zijn verb (ben doortastend, bent doortastend, is doortastend, was doortastend, waren doortastend, doortastend geweest)

Conjugations for be drastic:

  1. am drastic
  2. are drastic
  3. is drastic
  4. are drastic
  5. are drastic
  6. are drastic
present perfect
  1. have been drastic
  2. have been drastic
  3. has been drastic
  4. have been drastic
  5. have been drastic
  6. have been drastic
past continuous
  1. was being drastic
  2. were being drastic
  3. was being drastic
  4. were being drastic
  5. were being drastic
  6. were being drastic
  1. shall be drastic
  2. will be drastic
  3. will be drastic
  4. shall be drastic
  5. will be drastic
  6. will be drastic
continuous present
  1. am being drastic
  2. are being drastic
  3. is being drastic
  4. are being drastic
  5. are being drastic
  6. are being drastic
  1. be been drastic
  2. be been drastic
  3. be been drastic
  4. be been drastic
  5. be been drastic
  6. be been drastic
  1. be drastic!
  2. let's be drastic!
  3. been drastic
  4. being drastic
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be drastic:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanpakken laying hands on; taking hold of
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanpakken be drastic; get to work catch; dive in; fall to; receive; seize; serve oneself; take; take on
doortastend zijn be drastic; get to work
spijkers met koppen slaan be drastic; get to work

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