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Detailed Translations for blaze up from English to Dutch

blaze up:

to blaze up verb (blazes up, blazed up, blazing up)

  1. to blaze up (flare up)
    oplaaien; opvlammen
    • oplaaien verb (laai op, laait op, laaide op, laaiden op, opgelaaid)
    • opvlammen verb (vlam op, vlamt op, vlamde op, vlamden op, opgevlamd)

Conjugations for blaze up:

  1. blaze up
  2. blaze up
  3. blazes up
  4. blaze up
  5. blaze up
  6. blaze up
simple past
  1. blazed up
  2. blazed up
  3. blazed up
  4. blazed up
  5. blazed up
  6. blazed up
present perfect
  1. have blazed up
  2. have blazed up
  3. has blazed up
  4. have blazed up
  5. have blazed up
  6. have blazed up
past continuous
  1. was blazing up
  2. were blazing up
  3. was blazing up
  4. were blazing up
  5. were blazing up
  6. were blazing up
  1. shall blaze up
  2. will blaze up
  3. will blaze up
  4. shall blaze up
  5. will blaze up
  6. will blaze up
continuous present
  1. am blazing up
  2. are blazing up
  3. is blazing up
  4. are blazing up
  5. are blazing up
  6. are blazing up
  1. be blazed up
  2. be blazed up
  3. be blazed up
  4. be blazed up
  5. be blazed up
  6. be blazed up
  1. blaze up!
  2. let's blaze up!
  3. blazed up
  4. blazing up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for blaze up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
oplaaien blaze up; flare up
opvlammen blaze up; flare up
- burn up; flame up; flare

Synonyms for "blaze up":

Related Definitions for "blaze up":

  1. burn brightly1

Wiktionary Translations for blaze up:

blaze up
  1. plotseling heviger gaan branden

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