Detailed Translations for blockage from English to Dutch


blockage [the ~] noun

  1. the blockage (congestion; stoppage; constipation; jam)
    de verstopping; de opstopping
  2. the blockage (constipation; congestion)
    de constipatie; verstoptheid
  3. the blockage (obstruction; obstacle)

Translation Matrix for blockage:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
constipatie blockage; congestion; constipation constipation
obstructie blockage; obstacle; obstruction hindrance; impediment; obstruction
opstopping blockage; congestion; constipation; jam; stoppage buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam
verstopping blockage; congestion; constipation; jam; stoppage constipation
verstopping in het lichaam blockage; obstacle; obstruction
verstoptheid blockage; congestion; constipation
- block; closure; obstruction; occlusion; stop; stoppage

Related Words for "blockage":

  • blockages

Synonyms for "blockage":

Related Definitions for "blockage":

  1. the act of blocking1
  2. an obstruction in a pipe or tube1
    • we had to call a plumber to clear out the blockage in the drainpipe1
  3. the physical condition of blocking or filling a passage with an obstruction1