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  1. bookbinding:


Detailed Translations for bookbinding from English to Dutch


bookbinding verb

  1. bookbinding (binding)
    binden; inbinden; boekbinden
    • binden verb (bind, bindt, bond, bonden, gebonden)
    • inbinden verb (bind in, bindt in, bond in, bonden in, ingebonden)
    • boekbinden verb

Translation Matrix for bookbinding:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
binden binding; bookbinding bind; bind fast; bind up; chain; enchain; fasten; join; pinion; shackle; tie; tie up
boekbinden binding; bookbinding
inbinden binding; bookbinding boil down; concentrate; condense; control; reduce; restrain oneself; thicken

Synonyms for "bookbinding":

Related Definitions for "bookbinding":

  1. the craft of binding books1