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  1. call back:


Detailed Translations for call back from English to Dutch

call back:

to call back verb (calls back, called back, calling back)

  1. to call back (ring back; phone back)
    • terugbellen verb (bel terug, belt terug, belde terug, belden terug, teruggebeld)
  2. to call back (recall)
    terughalen; terugroepen
    • terughalen verb (haal terug, haalt terug, haalde terug, haalden terug, teruggehaald)
    • terugroepen verb (roep terug, roept terug, riep terug, riepen terug, teruggeroepen)

Conjugations for call back:

  1. call back
  2. call back
  3. calls back
  4. call back
  5. call back
  6. call back
simple past
  1. called back
  2. called back
  3. called back
  4. called back
  5. called back
  6. called back
present perfect
  1. have called back
  2. have called back
  3. has called back
  4. have called back
  5. have called back
  6. have called back
past continuous
  1. was calling back
  2. were calling back
  3. was calling back
  4. were calling back
  5. were calling back
  6. were calling back
  1. shall call back
  2. will call back
  3. will call back
  4. shall call back
  5. will call back
  6. will call back
continuous present
  1. am calling back
  2. are calling back
  3. is calling back
  4. are calling back
  5. are calling back
  6. are calling back
  1. be called back
  2. be called back
  3. be called back
  4. be called back
  5. be called back
  6. be called back
  1. call back!
  2. let's call back!
  3. called back
  4. calling back
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

call back [the ~] noun

  1. the call back (recall)

Translation Matrix for call back:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
terugroepen call back; recall
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
terugbellen call back; phone back; ring back
terughalen call back; recall
terugroepen call back; recall revoke
- call in; call up; recall; recollect; remember; retrieve; think; withdraw

Synonyms for "call back":

Antonyms for "call back":

Related Definitions for "call back":

  1. recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection1
  2. summon to return1
  3. return or repeat a telephone call1
    • I am busy right now--can you call back in an hour?1
  4. cause to be returned1
    • The manufacturer tried to call back the spoilt yoghurt1

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