Detailed Translations for cast off from English to Dutch

cast off:

to cast off verb (casts off, casted off, casting off)

  1. to cast off (shake off)
    • afschudden verb (schud af, schudt af, schudde af, schudden af, afgeschud)
  2. to cast off (shake off)
  3. to cast off
    loswerpen; losgooien
    • loswerpen verb (werp los, werpt los, wierp los, wierpen los, losgeworpen)
    • losgooien verb (gooi los, gooit los, gooide los, gooiden los, losgegooid)
  4. to cast off (throw off)
    afwerpen; afsmijten
    • afwerpen verb (werp af, werpt af, wierp af, wierpen af, afgeworpen)
    • afsmijten verb (smijt af, smeet af, smeten af, afgesmeten)

Conjugations for cast off:

  1. cast off
  2. cast off
  3. casts off
  4. cast off
  5. cast off
  6. cast off
simple past
  1. casted off
  2. casted off
  3. casted off
  4. casted off
  5. casted off
  6. casted off
present perfect
  1. have casted off
  2. have casted off
  3. has casted off
  4. have casted off
  5. have casted off
  6. have casted off
past continuous
  1. was casting off
  2. were casting off
  3. was casting off
  4. were casting off
  5. were casting off
  6. were casting off
  1. shall cast off
  2. will cast off
  3. will cast off
  4. shall cast off
  5. will cast off
  6. will cast off
continuous present
  1. am casting off
  2. are casting off
  3. is casting off
  4. are casting off
  5. are casting off
  6. are casting off
  1. be casted off
  2. be casted off
  3. be casted off
  4. be casted off
  5. be casted off
  6. be casted off
  1. cast off!
  2. let's cast off!
  3. casted off
  4. casting off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cast off:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschudden shaking off
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschudden cast off; shake off
afsmijten cast off; throw off cast; drop; throw off
afwerpen cast off; throw off cast; drop; throw off
losgooien cast off
loswerpen cast off
zich ontdoen van cast off; shake off
- cast; drop; shake off; shed; throw; throw away; throw off

Synonyms for "cast off":

Antonyms for "cast off":

  • cast on

Related Definitions for "cast off":

  1. get rid of1
  2. make the last row of stitches when knitting1

Wiktionary Translations for cast off:

cast off
  1. finish the last row of knitted stitches and remove them from the needle

Cross Translation:
cast off accelereren; bespoedigen; verhaasten; versnellen; afgooien; afwerpen; uitgooien précipiterjeter, faire tomber d’un lieu élevé.

Related Translations for cast off

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