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  1. chagrin:
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Detailed Translations for chagrin from English to Dutch


chagrin [the ~] noun

  1. the chagrin (annoyance; vexation)
    de ergernis; het chagrijn
  2. the chagrin (irritation; annoyance; vexation; nuisance; drag)
    de irritatie; de ergernis; de aanstoot; het misnoegen

Translation Matrix for chagrin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanstoot annoyance; chagrin; drag; irritation; nuisance; vexation
chagrijn annoyance; chagrin; vexation curmudgeon; moper; peevish person; sourpuss; wet; wet blanket
ergernis annoyance; chagrin; drag; irritation; nuisance; vexation irritability; irritation; nuisance; ordeal; pique; test; testing
irritatie annoyance; chagrin; drag; irritation; nuisance; vexation crabbedness; exasperation; indignation; irritability; irritation; irritations; itches; pique; prickles; tickles; tingles; vexation
misnoegen annoyance; chagrin; drag; irritation; nuisance; vexation discomfort; discontent; discontentedness; discord; disgruntlement; displeasure; dissatisfaction; ill-pleasure; malcontentedness; unpleasantness
- humiliation; mortification
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- abase; humble; humiliate; mortify

Related Words for "chagrin":

  • chagrins

Synonyms for "chagrin":

Related Definitions for "chagrin":

  1. strong feelings of embarrassment1
  2. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of1

Wiktionary Translations for chagrin:

  1. bother or vex; to mortify
  1. distress from failure; vexation or mortification

Cross Translation:
chagrin verdriet Verdrussgehoben: (andauernder) Ärger
chagrin verdriet chagrinétat de déplaisir, de peine, d’affliction.

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