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  1. chisel in:


Detailed Translations for chisel in from English to Dutch

chisel in:

to chisel in verb (chisels in, chiseled in, chiseling in)

  1. to chisel in (engrave)
    • inbeitelen verb (beitel in, beitelt in, beitelde in, beitelden in, ingebeiteld)

Conjugations for chisel in:

  1. chisel in
  2. chisel in
  3. chisels in
  4. chisel in
  5. chisel in
  6. chisel in
simple past
  1. chiseled in
  2. chiseled in
  3. chiseled in
  4. chiseled in
  5. chiseled in
  6. chiseled in
present perfect
  1. have chiseled in
  2. have chiseled in
  3. has chiseled in
  4. have chiseled in
  5. have chiseled in
  6. have chiseled in
past continuous
  1. was chiseling in
  2. were chiseling in
  3. was chiseling in
  4. were chiseling in
  5. were chiseling in
  6. were chiseling in
  1. shall chisel in
  2. will chisel in
  3. will chisel in
  4. shall chisel in
  5. will chisel in
  6. will chisel in
continuous present
  1. am chiseling in
  2. are chiseling in
  3. is chiseling in
  4. are chiseling in
  5. are chiseling in
  6. are chiseling in
  1. be chiseled in
  2. be chiseled in
  3. be chiseled in
  4. be chiseled in
  5. be chiseled in
  6. be chiseled in
  1. chisel in!
  2. let's chisel in!
  3. chiseled in
  4. chiseling in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for chisel in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inbeitelen chisel in; engrave
- barge in; break in; butt in; chime in; cut in; put in

Synonyms for "chisel in":

Related Definitions for "chisel in":

  1. break into a conversation1

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