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Detailed Translations for colorless from English to Dutch


colorless adj, American

  1. colorless (colourless; pale; clear)
  2. colorless (colourless)

Translation Matrix for colorless:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blank clear; colorless; colourless; pale ashen; blank; crude; drained of colour; pale; pallid; plain; unfinished; unmarked; unvarnished; washed out; white
bleek clear; colorless; colourless; pale ashen; bland; dim; drained of colour; faded; faint; lurid; off colour; pale; sallow; washed out; white
kleurloos clear; colorless; colourless; pale pale
ongekleurd clear; colorless; colourless; pale
verveloos colorless; colourless
- colourless

Synonyms for "colorless":

Antonyms for "colorless":

Related Definitions for "colorless":

  1. weak in color; not colorful1
  2. lacking in variety and interest1
    • a colorless and unimaginative person1
    • a colorless description of the parade1

Wiktionary Translations for colorless:

Cross Translation:
colorless kleurloos incolore — didactique|fr Qui n’est pas colorer.