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  1. come up to:


Detailed Translations for come up to from English to Dutch

come up to:

to come up to verb (comes up to, came up to, coming up to)

  1. to come up to (walk there; walk; walk to; come running to)
    • toelopen verb (loop toe, loopt toe, liep toe, liepen toe, toegelopen)
  2. to come up to (address; accost)
    – speak to someone 1
    aanspreken; toespreken
    • aanspreken verb (spreek aan, spreekt aan, sprak aan, spraken aan, aangesproken)
    • toespreken verb (spreek toe, spreekt toe, sprak toe, spraken toe, toegesproken)

Conjugations for come up to:

  1. come up to
  2. come up to
  3. comes up to
  4. come up to
  5. come up to
  6. come up to
simple past
  1. came up to
  2. came up to
  3. came up to
  4. came up to
  5. came up to
  6. came up to
present perfect
  1. have come up to
  2. have come up to
  3. has come up to
  4. have come up to
  5. have come up to
  6. have come up to
past continuous
  1. was coming up to
  2. were coming up to
  3. was coming up to
  4. were coming up to
  5. were coming up to
  6. were coming up to
  1. shall come up to
  2. will come up to
  3. will come up to
  4. shall come up to
  5. will come up to
  6. will come up to
continuous present
  1. am coming up to
  2. are coming up to
  3. is coming up to
  4. are coming up to
  5. are coming up to
  6. are coming up to
  1. be come up to
  2. be come up to
  3. be come up to
  4. be come up to
  5. be come up to
  6. be come up to
  1. come up to!
  2. let's come up to!
  3. come up to
  4. coming up to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for come up to:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanspreken addressing; approaching; speak to; speaking to
toespreken addressing; approaching; harangueing; speak to; speaking to; speeching
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanspreken accost; address; come up to appeal to the sentiment
toelopen come running to; come up to; walk; walk there; walk to
toespreken accost; address; come up to

Synonyms for "come up to":

Related Definitions for "come up to":

  1. speak to someone1

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