Detailed Translations for con from English to Dutch


con [the ~] noun

  1. the con (fraud; swindle; deceit; frauds; deception)
    de zwendel; de oplichterij; de oplichting; de zwendelarij; gezwendel
  2. the con (skulduggery; varnishing; swindle; diddle; skullduggery)
    de verlakkerij

to con verb (cons, conned, conning)

  1. to con (cheat; swindle)
    • neppen verb (nep, nept, nepte, nepten, genept)

Conjugations for con:

  1. con
  2. con
  3. cons
  4. con
  5. con
  6. con
simple past
  1. conned
  2. conned
  3. conned
  4. conned
  5. conned
  6. conned
present perfect
  1. have conned
  2. have conned
  3. has conned
  4. have conned
  5. have conned
  6. have conned
past continuous
  1. was conning
  2. were conning
  3. was conning
  4. were conning
  5. were conning
  6. were conning
  1. shall con
  2. will con
  3. will con
  4. shall con
  5. will con
  6. will con
continuous present
  1. am conning
  2. are conning
  3. is conning
  4. are conning
  5. are conning
  6. are conning
  1. be conned
  2. be conned
  3. be conned
  4. be conned
  5. be conned
  6. be conned
  1. con!
  2. let's con!
  3. conned
  4. conning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for con:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gezwendel con; deceit; deception; fraud; frauds; swindle
oplichterij con; deceit; deception; fraud; frauds; swindle cheating; deceit; deception; double-cross; fraud; mess; swindling
oplichting con; deceit; deception; fraud; frauds; swindle
verlakkerij con; diddle; skulduggery; skullduggery; swindle; varnishing
zwendel con; deceit; deception; fraud; frauds; swindle cheating; corruption; corruptions; deceit; deception; defalcation; double-cross; embezzlement; fencing; fraud; malversation; malversations; swindle; swindling
zwendelarij con; deceit; deception; fraud; frauds; swindle cheating; fraud; mess; swindling
- convict; inmate; yard bird; yardbird
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
neppen cheat; con; swindle
- learn; memorise; memorize

Related Words for "con":

  • coning, cons

Synonyms for "con":

Antonyms for "con":

Related Definitions for "con":

  1. in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc.1
    • much was written pro and con1
  2. an argument opposed to a proposal1
  3. a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison1
  4. commit to memory; learn by heart1

Wiktionary Translations for con:

  1. a fraud
  2. a convicted criminal, a convict
  3. disadvantage of something
  1. to trick or defraud, usually for personal gain

Cross Translation:
con boerenbedrog charlatanerie — (familier, fr) propos ou façon d’agir d’un charlatan.
con oplichterij escroquerieaction d’escroquer.
con bedriegen; misleiden; op een dwaalspoor zetten; ontgoochelen; tegenvallen; teleurstellen tromperabuser de la confiance de quelqu’un.

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