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Detailed Translations for decimate from English to Dutch


to decimate verb (decimates, decimated, decimating)

  1. to decimate (make less numerous; thin; thin out)
    decimeren; dunnen; minder talrijk maken
  2. to decimate (thin out; deplete; chop off; )
    uitdunnen; wegkappen
    • uitdunnen verb (dun uit, dunt uit, dunde uit, dunden uit, uitgedund)
    • wegkappen verb (kap weg, kapt weg, kapte weg, kapten weg, weggekapt)

Conjugations for decimate:

  1. decimate
  2. decimate
  3. decimates
  4. decimate
  5. decimate
  6. decimate
simple past
  1. decimated
  2. decimated
  3. decimated
  4. decimated
  5. decimated
  6. decimated
present perfect
  1. have decimated
  2. have decimated
  3. has decimated
  4. have decimated
  5. have decimated
  6. have decimated
past continuous
  1. was decimating
  2. were decimating
  3. was decimating
  4. were decimating
  5. were decimating
  6. were decimating
  1. shall decimate
  2. will decimate
  3. will decimate
  4. shall decimate
  5. will decimate
  6. will decimate
continuous present
  1. am decimating
  2. are decimating
  3. is decimating
  4. are decimating
  5. are decimating
  6. are decimating
  1. be decimated
  2. be decimated
  3. be decimated
  4. be decimated
  5. be decimated
  6. be decimated
  1. decimate!
  2. let's decimate!
  3. decimated
  4. decimating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for decimate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
decimeren decimate; make less numerous; thin; thin out
dunnen decimate; make less numerous; thin; thin out
minder talrijk maken decimate; make less numerous; thin; thin out
uitdunnen become thin; chop away; chop off; decimate; deplete; hew away; thin out
wegkappen become thin; chop away; chop off; decimate; deplete; hew away; thin out
- annihilate; carry off; eliminate; eradicate; extinguish; wipe out

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Synonyms for "decimate":

Related Definitions for "decimate":

  1. kill in large numbers1
  2. kill one in every ten, as of mutineers in Roman armies1

Wiktionary Translations for decimate:

  1. to reduce to one-tenth
  2. to severely reduce
  3. Roman history: to kill one out of ten men
  1. sterk in aantal terugbrengen, gewoonlijk door afslachting