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Detailed Translations for defy from English to Dutch


to defy verb (defies, defied, defying)

  1. to defy (face up to; stand to; face)
    trotseren; hoofd bieden

Conjugations for defy:

  1. defy
  2. defy
  3. defies
  4. defy
  5. defy
  6. defy
simple past
  1. defied
  2. defied
  3. defied
  4. defied
  5. defied
  6. defied
present perfect
  1. have defied
  2. have defied
  3. has defied
  4. have defied
  5. have defied
  6. have defied
past continuous
  1. was defying
  2. were defying
  3. was defying
  4. were defying
  5. were defying
  6. were defying
  1. shall defy
  2. will defy
  3. will defy
  4. shall defy
  5. will defy
  6. will defy
continuous present
  1. am defying
  2. are defying
  3. is defying
  4. are defying
  5. are defying
  6. are defying
  1. be defied
  2. be defied
  3. be defied
  4. be defied
  5. be defied
  6. be defied
  1. defy!
  2. let's defy!
  3. defied
  4. defying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for defy:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hoofd bieden defy; face; face up to; stand to
trotseren defy; face; face up to; stand to
- dare; hold; hold up; refuse; resist; withstand

Related Words for "defy":

Synonyms for "defy":

Antonyms for "defy":

  • lend oneself

Related Definitions for "defy":

  1. challenge1
  2. resist or confront with resistance1
    • The politician defied public opinion1
  3. elude, especially in a baffling way1
    • This behavior defies explanation1

Wiktionary Translations for defy:

  1. To renounce or dissolve all bonds
  2. To provoke to combat or strife
  1. (overgankelijk) tarten, uitdagen
  2. niet laten afschrikken door iemand of iets

Cross Translation:
defy tarten; trotseren; uitdagend optreden tegen braverdéfier sans crainte et avec mépris ; s’opposer à.
defy inbreuk maken op; overtreden désobéir — Ne pas obéir, refuser d’obéir à quelqu’un, soit faire ce qui est défendre, être en ne faisant pas ce qui est commander, refuser de se soumettre à une volonté..
defy provoceren; tarten; tergen; uitdagen; uitlokken; uittarten provoquerinciter, exciter.

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