Detailed Translations for delicacy from English to Dutch


delicacy [the ~] noun

  1. the delicacy (tidbit; refreshment; snack; titbit)
    de versnapering; de delicatesse; de lekkernij
  2. the delicacy (sensitiveness; sensitivity; sensibility)
    de gevoeligheid; de aandoenlijkheid
  3. the delicacy
    de fijnheid
  4. the delicacy (sensitivity; sensibility; sensitiveness)
    de gevoeligheid; de fijngevoeligheid; teergevoeligheid
  5. the delicacy (refreshment; tidbit)
    de verfrissing; de verkwikking; de laving; de lafenis
  6. the delicacy (sensitivity; sensibility)
  7. the delicacy (decency; consideration; discretion)

Translation Matrix for delicacy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aandoenlijkheid delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity
delicatesse delicacy; refreshment; snack; tidbit; titbit
fijngevoeligheid delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity
fijnheid delicacy
gevoeligheid delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity daintiness; emotionalism; gentleness; impressionability; lovingness; sensitiveness; sensitivity; susceptibility; tenderness; touchiness; vulnerability; warm heartedness
gevoeligheid mbt het betamelijke consideration; decency; delicacy; discretion
kiesheid consideration; decency; delicacy; discretion becomingness; confidentiality; decency; gentility; privacy; propriety; respectability; secrecy; seemliness
lafenis delicacy; refreshment; tidbit
laving delicacy; refreshment; tidbit
lekkernij delicacy; refreshment; snack; tidbit; titbit
sensitiviteit delicacy; sensibility; sensitivity
teergevoeligheid delicacy; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity
verfrissing delicacy; refreshment; tidbit
verkwikking delicacy; refreshment; tidbit
versnapering delicacy; refreshment; snack; tidbit; titbit snack
zintuiglijke gevoeligheid delicacy; sensibility; sensitivity
- airiness; daintiness; dainty; diplomacy; discreetness; discretion; fineness; finesse; fragility; goody; kickshaw; slightness; treat
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- daintiness; dainty; discretion; tac

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Related Definitions for "delicacy":

  1. lightness in movement or manner1
  2. the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance1
  3. subtly skillful handling of a situation1
  4. lack of physical strength1
  5. smallness of stature1
  6. refined taste; tact1
  7. something considered choice to eat1

Wiktionary Translations for delicacy:

  1. something appealing, especially a pleasing food

Cross Translation:
delicacy felheid; guurheid; schelheid; scherpheid; schrilheid; scherpte finessequalité de ce qui est fin, délié ou menu.
delicacy lekkernij; versnapering; snoep; snoepgoed; zoetigheid; zoet friandiseconfiserie ou pâtisserie de petite taille.