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Detailed Translations for discrete from English to Dutch


discrete adj

  1. discrete (distinct)
    – constituting a separate entity or part 1

Translation Matrix for discrete:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afzonderlijk discrete; distinct apart; aside; distinctive; free-standing; isolated; on its own; particular; separate; solo
apart discrete; distinct apart; aside; bizarre; curious; different; distinctive; eccentric; exceptional; exclusive; exotic; exquisite; foreign; freak; free-standing; idiosyncratic; incomparable; inimitable; isolated; noteworthy; odd; on its own; once in a life time; one and only; outlandish; particular; peculiar; separate; sole; solo; special; the one and only; unique; unparalleled; unusual

Synonyms for "discrete":

Related Definitions for "discrete":

  1. constituting a separate entity or part1
    • a government with three discrete divisions1

Wiktionary Translations for discrete:

Cross Translation:
discrete bescheiden; discreet; onopvallend discret — Qui est réservé, retenu dans ses paroles et dans ses actions.