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  1. eat heartily:


Detailed Translations for eat heartily from English to Dutch

eat heartily:

to eat heartily verb (eats heartily, ate hartily, eating heartily)

  1. to eat heartily (eat hungrily; having a good feed; work inside)
    eten; bikken; naar binnen werken
    • eten verb (eet, at, aten, gegeten)
    • bikken verb (bik, bikt, bikte, bikten, gebikt)
    • naar binnen werken verb (werk naar binnen, werkt naar binnen, werkte naar binnen, werkten naar binnen, naar binnen gewerkt)
  2. to eat heartily (feast; tuck in; have a gourmet; banquet)
    • smullen verb (smul, smult, smulde, smulden, gesmuld)
  3. to eat heartily (feast; banquet)
    smullen van
    • smullen van verb (smul van, smult van, smulde van, smulden van, gesmuld van)

Conjugations for eat heartily:

  1. eat heartily
  2. eat heartily
  3. eats heartily
  4. eat heartily
  5. eat heartily
  6. eat heartily
simple past
  1. ate hartily
  2. ate hartily
  3. ate hartily
  4. ate hartily
  5. ate hartily
  6. ate hartily
present perfect
  1. have eaten heartily
  2. have eaten heartily
  3. has eaten heartily
  4. have eaten heartily
  5. have eaten heartily
  6. have eaten heartily
past continuous
  1. was eating heartily
  2. were eating heartily
  3. was eating heartily
  4. were eating heartily
  5. were eating heartily
  6. were eating heartily
  1. shall eat heartily
  2. will eat heartily
  3. will eat heartily
  4. shall eat heartily
  5. will eat heartily
  6. will eat heartily
continuous present
  1. am eating heartily
  2. are eating heartily
  3. is eating heartily
  4. are eating heartily
  5. are eating heartily
  6. are eating heartily
  1. be eaten heartily
  2. be eaten heartily
  3. be eaten heartily
  4. be eaten heartily
  5. be eaten heartily
  6. be eaten heartily
  1. eat heartily!
  2. let's eat heartily!
  3. eaten heartily
  4. eating heartily
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for eat heartily:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bikken chipping off; chopping; chow; cutting away; feeding; grub
eten course; dish; feeding; food; meal; nourishment; nutrition
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bikken eat heartily; eat hungrily; having a good feed; work inside consume; dispatch
eten eat heartily; eat hungrily; having a good feed; work inside consume; dine; dispatch; eat; eat up; grab a bite; have a meal; have dinner; have something to eat; munch; nibble; nybble
naar binnen werken eat heartily; eat hungrily; having a good feed; work inside consume; dispatch
smullen banquet; eat heartily; feast; have a gourmet; tuck in banquet; feast; regale
smullen van banquet; eat heartily; feast

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