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  1. fatten up:


Detailed Translations for fatten up from English to Dutch

fatten up:

fatten up verb

  1. fatten up (feed up)
    vetmesten; mesten
    • vetmesten verb (mest vet, mestte vet, mestten vet, vetgemest)
    • mesten verb (mest, mestte, mestten, gemest)

Translation Matrix for fatten up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mesten fatten up; feed up fatten; fattening; feed
vetmesten fatten up; feed up fatten; feed
- fat; fatten; fatten out; fill out; flesh out; plump; plump out

Synonyms for "fatten up":

Related Definitions for "fatten up":

  1. make fat or plump1

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