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  1. guard from:


Detailed Translations for guard from from English to Dutch

guard from:

guard from verb

  1. guard from (preserve; save; shield)
    bewaren; beschermen; behoeden
    • bewaren verb (bewaar, bewaart, bewaarde, bewaarden, bewaard)
    • beschermen verb (bescherm, beschermt, beschermde, beschermden, beschermd)
    • behoeden verb (behoed, behoedt, behoedde, behoedden, behoed)

Translation Matrix for guard from:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beschermen protection
bewaren saving; storing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
behoeden guard from; preserve; save; shield guard; protect; shield
beschermen guard from; preserve; save; shield cover; fence in; fence off; guard; herd; lock up; patronise; patronize; preserve; protect; protect with a security system; safeguard; save; shield; watch over
bewaren guard from; preserve; save; shield archivate; conserve; document; file; keep; lay aside; lay up; organise; organize; preserve; put away; put up; save; secure; stock; store

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