Detailed Translations for irritability from English to Dutch


irritability [the ~] noun

  1. the irritability (irritation; pique)
    de ergernis; de wrevel; de irritatie
  2. the irritability (over-sensitiveness; touchiness)
    de overgevoeligheid; de lichtgeraaktheid
  3. the irritability (testiness; touchiness)
    de prikkelbaarheid; de lichtgeraaktheid
  4. the irritability (touchiness; susceptibility; pique)
    de lichtgeraaktheid; de prikkelbaarheid; de geprikkeldheid; de geraaktheid

Translation Matrix for irritability:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ergernis irritability; irritation; pique annoyance; chagrin; drag; irritation; nuisance; ordeal; test; testing; vexation
geprikkeldheid irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness
geraaktheid irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness
irritatie irritability; irritation; pique annoyance; chagrin; crabbedness; drag; exasperation; indignation; irritation; irritations; itches; nuisance; prickles; tickles; tingles; vexation
lichtgeraaktheid irritability; over-sensitiveness; pique; susceptibility; testiness; touchiness
overgevoeligheid irritability; over-sensitiveness; touchiness
prikkelbaarheid irritability; pique; susceptibility; testiness; touchiness
wrevel irritability; irritation; pique peevishness; pique; spite; surliness; testiness; tetchiness
- biliousness; choler; crossness; excitability; fretfulness; fussiness; peevishness; pettishness; petulance; snappishness; surliness; temper

Synonyms for "irritability":

Related Definitions for "irritability":

  1. a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger1
  2. excessive sensitivity of an organ or body part1
  3. an irritable petulant feeling1