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Detailed Translations for knock over from English to Dutch

knock over:

to knock over verb (knocks over, knocked over, knocking over)

  1. to knock over (topple over; tip over)
    omverwerpen; omvergooien; omgooien; omkiepen; omwerpen; omkieperen
    • omverwerpen verb (werp omver, werpt omver, wierp omver, wierpen omver, omver geworpen)
    • omvergooien verb (gooi omver, gooit omver, gooide omver, gooiden omver, omver gegooid)
    • omgooien verb (gooi om, gooit om, gooide om, gooiden om, omgegooid)
    • omkiepen verb (kiep om, kiept om, kiepte om, kiepten om, omgekiept)
    • omwerpen verb (werp om, werpt om, wierp om, wierpen om, omgeworpen)
    • omkieperen verb (kieper om, kiepert om, kieperde om, kieperden om, omgekieperd)
  2. to knock over (push over; upset)
    omstoten; omduwen; omverstoten
    • omstoten verb (stoot om, stootte om, stootten om, omgestoten)
    • omduwen verb (duw om, duwt om, duwde om, duwden om, omgeduwd)
    • omverstoten verb (stoot omver, stootte omver, stootten omver, omver gestoten)

Conjugations for knock over:

  1. knock over
  2. knock over
  3. knocks over
  4. knock over
  5. knock over
  6. knock over
simple past
  1. knocked over
  2. knocked over
  3. knocked over
  4. knocked over
  5. knocked over
  6. knocked over
present perfect
  1. have knocked over
  2. have knocked over
  3. has knocked over
  4. have knocked over
  5. have knocked over
  6. have knocked over
past continuous
  1. was knocking over
  2. were knocking over
  3. was knocking over
  4. were knocking over
  5. were knocking over
  6. were knocking over
  1. shall knock over
  2. will knock over
  3. will knock over
  4. shall knock over
  5. will knock over
  6. will knock over
continuous present
  1. am knocking over
  2. are knocking over
  3. is knocking over
  4. are knocking over
  5. are knocking over
  6. are knocking over
  1. be knocked over
  2. be knocked over
  3. be knocked over
  4. be knocked over
  5. be knocked over
  6. be knocked over
  1. knock over!
  2. let's knock over!
  3. knocked over
  4. knocking over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for knock over:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
omduwen knock over; push over; upset
omgooien knock over; tip over; topple over
omkiepen knock over; tip over; topple over
omkieperen knock over; tip over; topple over
omstoten knock over; push over; upset
omvergooien knock over; tip over; topple over throw over
omverstoten knock over; push over; upset
omverwerpen knock over; tip over; topple over
omwerpen knock over; tip over; topple over
- bowl over; overturn; tip over; tump over; turn over; upset

Synonyms for "knock over":

Related Definitions for "knock over":

  1. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position1

Wiktionary Translations for knock over:

knock over
  1. iets met een slag om laten vallen
  2. op heftige wijze tegen iemand opbotsen

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