Detailed Translations for lead up from English to Dutch

lead up:

to lead up verb (leads up, led up, leading up)

  1. to lead up (tutor; educate; school; train)
    scholen; opleiden
    • scholen verb
    • opleiden verb (leid op, leidt op, leidde op, leidden op, opgeleid)
  2. to lead up (train; practise; tutor; practice)
    trainen; oefenen; harden; coachen; bekwamen
    • trainen verb (train, traint, trainde, trainden, getraind)
    • oefenen verb (oefen, oefent, oefende, oefenden, geoefend)
    • harden verb (hard, hardt, hardde, hardden, gehard)
    • coachen verb
    • bekwamen verb (bekwaam, bekwaamt, bekwaamde, bekwaamden, bekwaamd)
  3. to lead up (lead upwards)
    • omhoogleiden verb (leid omhoog, leidt omhoog, leidde omhoog, leidden omhoog, omhooggeleid)
  4. to lead up
    • omhoogvoeren verb (voer omhoog, voert omhoog, voerde omhoog, voerden omhoog, omhooggevoerd)

Conjugations for lead up:

  1. lead up
  2. lead up
  3. leads up
  4. lead up
  5. lead up
  6. lead up
simple past
  1. led up
  2. led up
  3. led up
  4. led up
  5. led up
  6. led up
present perfect
  1. have led up
  2. have led up
  3. has led up
  4. have led up
  5. have led up
  6. have led up
past continuous
  1. was leading up
  2. were leading up
  3. was leading up
  4. were leading up
  5. were leading up
  6. were leading up
  1. shall lead up
  2. will lead up
  3. will lead up
  4. shall lead up
  5. will lead up
  6. will lead up
continuous present
  1. am leading up
  2. are leading up
  3. is leading up
  4. are leading up
  5. are leading up
  6. are leading up
  1. be led up
  2. be led up
  3. be led up
  4. be led up
  5. be led up
  6. be led up
  1. lead up!
  2. let's lead up!
  3. led up
  4. leading up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lead up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bekwamen learning; studying
harden making resistant; making withstand
scholen schools
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bekwamen lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor
coachen lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor
harden lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor bear; become hard; endure; harden; iron; persist; stand; steel; tolerate; toughen
oefenen lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor exercise; practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume; train; tutor
omhoogleiden lead up; lead upwards
omhoogvoeren lead up
opleiden educate; lead up; school; train; tutor
scholen educate; lead up; school; train; tutor
trainen lead up; practice; practise; train; tutor break in; exercise; practice; practise; train; tutor
- initiate

Synonyms for "lead up":

Related Definitions for "lead up":

  1. set in motion, start an event or prepare the way for1

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