Detailed Translations for linen from English to Dutch


linen adj

  1. linen (toile; cloth)

linen [the ~] noun

  1. the linen (cloth)
    het linnen; het linnengoed
  2. the linen (linen cloths; linen fabric)
    het beddengoed; de lakens
  3. the linen (sheet; cloth)
    het laken; het beddenlaken; het linnen; de lakens
  4. the linen (bed linen)
    het beddengoed
  5. the linen (table-cloth; table-cover; cloth)
    het tafelkleedje; het laken; het tafelkleed; het tafellaken
  6. the linen (bedclothes; bedding)
    beddelinnen; het linnen

Translation Matrix for linen:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beddelinnen bedclothes; bedding; linen
beddengoed bed linen; linen; linen cloths; linen fabric
beddenlaken cloth; linen; sheet
laken cloth; linen; sheet; table-cloth; table-cover cloth; woollen fabric
lakens cloth; linen; linen cloths; linen fabric; sheet
linnen bedclothes; bedding; cloth; linen; sheet canvas; cloth; linnen
linnengoed cloth; linen
tafelkleed cloth; linen; table-cloth; table-cover
tafelkleedje cloth; linen; table-cloth; table-cover
tafellaken cloth; linen; table-cloth; table-cover
- linen paper
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
laken accuse; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; discredit; harbour a grudge; hold against; rancor; rancour; rebuke; reprimand; reproach
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lakens cloth
linnen cloth; linen; toile

Related Words for "linen":

  • linens

Synonyms for "linen":

Related Definitions for "linen":

  1. white goods or clothing made with linen cloth1
  2. a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant1
  3. a high-quality paper made of linen fibers or with a linen finish1

Wiktionary Translations for linen:

  1. material
  1. weefsel
  2. doek/schilderij
  3. product afkomstig uit vlas

Cross Translation:
linen doek lingetissu de fil ou de coton servir à l’usage du corps ou à des emplois domestiques.
linen doek; lijnwaad; linnen toiletissu de fils de lin, de chanvre, de coton, etc.

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