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Detailed Translations for mannequin from English to Dutch


mannequin [the ~] noun

  1. the mannequin (tailor's dummy; dummy)
    de paspop; de ledenpop; kostuumpop
  2. the mannequin (window dummy)
    de etalagepop
  3. the mannequin (dress-model; model)
    het model; de mannequin
  4. the mannequin (lay figure; dummy; figure-head; puppet)
    de mannequin; de ledenpop; de etalagepop

Translation Matrix for mannequin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
etalagepop dummy; figure-head; lay figure; mannequin; puppet; window dummy
kostuumpop dummy; mannequin; tailor's dummy
ledenpop dummy; figure-head; lay figure; mannequin; puppet; tailor's dummy doll; marionette; puppet
mannequin dress-model; dummy; figure-head; lay figure; mannequin; model; puppet
model dress-model; mannequin; model concept; draft; example; master; model; preliminary design; prototype; sample; specimen
paspop dummy; mannequin; tailor's dummy
- fashion model; form; manakin; manikin; mannikin; model

Related Words for "mannequin":

  • mannequins

Synonyms for "mannequin":

Related Definitions for "mannequin":

  1. a life-size dummy used to display clothes1
  2. a woman who wears clothes to display fashions1
    • she was too fat to be a mannequin1

Wiktionary Translations for mannequin:

  1. model of the human body used for the displaying of clothes
  1. iemand die nieuwe kledingontwerpen dragend deze aan een publiek vertoont

Cross Translation:
mannequin paspop mannequin — Figurine d’homme ou de femme
mannequin mannequin mannequin — Personne présentant des articles de mode

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