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Detailed Translations for mess around from English to Dutch

mess around:

to mess around verb (messes around, messed around, messing around)

  1. to mess around (tinker; potter)
    knutselen; fröbelen; prutsen
    • knutselen verb (knutsel, knutselt, knutselde, knutselden, geknutseld)
    • fröbelen verb (fröbel, fröbelt, fröbelde, fröbelden, gefröbeld)
    • prutsen verb (pruts, prutst, prutste, prutsten, geprutst)
  2. to mess around (mess about; fool around; fool about)
    scharrelen; aanrommelen; rotzooien; knoeien; aanrotzooien
    • scharrelen verb (scharrel, scharrelt, scharrelde, scharrelden, gescharreld)
    • rotzooien verb (rotzooi, rotzooit, rotzooide, rotzooiden, gerotzooid)
    • knoeien verb (knoei, knoeit, knoeide, knoeiden, geknoeid)
    • aanrotzooien verb (rotzooi aan, rotzooit aan, rotzooide aan, rotzooiden aan, aangerotzooid)

Conjugations for mess around:

  1. mess around
  2. mess around
  3. messes around
  4. mess around
  5. mess around
  6. mess around
simple past
  1. messed around
  2. messed around
  3. messed around
  4. messed around
  5. messed around
  6. messed around
present perfect
  1. have messed around
  2. have messed around
  3. has messed around
  4. have messed around
  5. have messed around
  6. have messed around
past continuous
  1. was messing around
  2. were messing around
  3. was messing around
  4. were messing around
  5. were messing around
  6. were messing around
  1. shall mess around
  2. will mess around
  3. will mess around
  4. shall mess around
  5. will mess around
  6. will mess around
continuous present
  1. am messing around
  2. are messing around
  3. is messing around
  4. are messing around
  5. are messing around
  6. are messing around
  1. be messed around
  2. be messed around
  3. be messed around
  4. be messed around
  5. be messed around
  6. be messed around
  1. mess around!
  2. let's mess around!
  3. messed around
  4. messing around
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mess around:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
knutselen fiddling; niggling; pottering; tinkering
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aanrommelen fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around
aanrotzooien fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around
fröbelen mess around; potter; tinker
knoeien fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around bungle; mess; slop; spill
knutselen mess around; potter; tinker tinker
prutsen mess around; potter; tinker botch; bungle; mess about; muddle; muddle on; tinker
rotzooien fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around bungle; mess; muck up
scharrelen fool about; fool around; mess about; mess around be on the make; flirt; fool around
- monkey; monkey around; muck about; muck around; potter; putter; tinker

Synonyms for "mess around":

Related Definitions for "mess around":

  1. do random, unplanned work or activities or spend time idly1

Wiktionary Translations for mess around:

mess around
  1. planloos te werk gaan

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