Detailed Translations for overlooking from English to Dutch


overlooking [the ~] noun

  1. the overlooking (supervision)

Translation Matrix for overlooking:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
overzien overlooking; supervision
toezicht houden overlooking; supervision
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
overzien inspect; look over; survey
toezicht houden keep and eye on; monitor; patrol; supervise; watch
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- commanding; dominating

Related Words for "overlooking":

Synonyms for "overlooking":

Related Definitions for "overlooking":

  1. used of a height or viewpoint1
    • the balcony overlooking the ballroom1

overlooking form of overlook:

to overlook verb (overlooks, overlooked, overlooking)

  1. to overlook (miss)
    missen; mislopen; iets mislopen
    • missen verb (mis, mist, miste, misten, gemist)
    • mislopen verb (loop mis, loopt mis, liep mis, liepen mis, misgelopen)
  2. to overlook (miss)
    • voorbijzien verb (zie voorbij, ziet voorbij, zag voorbij, zagen voorbij, voorbij gezien)
  3. to overlook

Conjugations for overlook:

  1. overlook
  2. overlook
  3. overlooks
  4. overlook
  5. overlook
  6. overlook
simple past
  1. overlooked
  2. overlooked
  3. overlooked
  4. overlooked
  5. overlooked
  6. overlooked
present perfect
  1. have overlooked
  2. have overlooked
  3. has overlooked
  4. have overlooked
  5. have overlooked
  6. have overlooked
past continuous
  1. was overlooking
  2. were overlooking
  3. was overlooking
  4. were overlooking
  5. were overlooking
  6. were overlooking
  1. shall overlook
  2. will overlook
  3. will overlook
  4. shall overlook
  5. will overlook
  6. will overlook
continuous present
  1. am overlooking
  2. are overlooking
  3. is overlooking
  4. are overlooking
  5. are overlooking
  6. are overlooking
  1. be overlooked
  2. be overlooked
  3. be overlooked
  4. be overlooked
  5. be overlooked
  6. be overlooked
  1. overlook!
  2. let's overlook!
  3. overlooked
  4. overlooking
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for overlook:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
iets mislopen miss; overlook
mislopen miss; overlook fail; fall flat; flop; go wrong; lose one's face; meet with disaster
missen miss; overlook be lost; be missed; be missing; lose; miss
over het hoofd zien overlook
voorbijzien miss; overlook
- command; dominate; drop; leave out; look across; look out on; look out over; miss; neglect; omit; overleap; overtop; pretermit

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Synonyms for "overlook":

Antonyms for "overlook":

Related Definitions for "overlook":

  1. a high place affording a good view1
  2. leave undone or leave out1
  3. watch over1
    • I am overlooking her work1
  4. look past, fail to notice1
  5. look down on1
  6. be oriented in a certain direction1
    • The apartment overlooks the Hudson1

Wiktionary Translations for overlook:

  1. to fail to notice; to look over and beyond (anything) without seeing it

Cross Translation:
overlook achteloos voorbijgaan aan; geen aandacht schenken aan; achterstellen; verwaarlozen; verzaken; een hekel hebben aan; minachten; versmaden; inbreuk maken op; verachten dédaignerconsidérer avec dédain.
overlook achteloos voorbijgaan aan; geen aandacht schenken aan; achterstellen; verwaarlozen; verzaken négliger — Ne pas prendre soin d’une chose dont on devoir s’occuper.
overlook nalaten; uitlaten; verzaken; verzuimen; weglaten omettremanquer, soit volontairement, soit involontairement, à faire ou à dire ce qu’on pouvait, ce qu’on devait faire ou dire.