Detailed Translations for plunder from English to Dutch


to plunder verb (plunders, plundered, plundering)

  1. to plunder (loot; pillage; raid)
    plunderen; leegplunderen; roven; uitplunderen
    • plunderen verb (plunder, plundert, plunderde, plunderden, geplunderd)
    • leegplunderen verb (plunder leeg, plundert leeg, plunderde leeg, plunderden leeg, leeggeplunderd)
    • roven verb (roof, rooft, roofde, roofden, geroofd)
    • uitplunderen verb (plunder uit, plundert uit, plunderde uit, plunderden uit, uitgeplunderd)
  2. to plunder (rob; snatch)
    roven; beroven
    • roven verb (roof, rooft, roofde, roofden, geroofd)
    • beroven verb (beroof, berooft, beroofde, beroofden, beroven)

Conjugations for plunder:

  1. plunder
  2. plunder
  3. plunders
  4. plunder
  5. plunder
  6. plunder
simple past
  1. plundered
  2. plundered
  3. plundered
  4. plundered
  5. plundered
  6. plundered
present perfect
  1. have plundered
  2. have plundered
  3. has plundered
  4. have plundered
  5. have plundered
  6. have plundered
past continuous
  1. was plundering
  2. were plundering
  3. was plundering
  4. were plundering
  5. were plundering
  6. were plundering
  1. shall plunder
  2. will plunder
  3. will plunder
  4. shall plunder
  5. will plunder
  6. will plunder
continuous present
  1. am plundering
  2. are plundering
  3. is plundering
  4. are plundering
  5. are plundering
  6. are plundering
  1. be plundered
  2. be plundered
  3. be plundered
  4. be plundered
  5. be plundered
  6. be plundered
  1. plunder!
  2. let's plunder!
  3. plundered
  4. plundering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for plunder:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
roven crusts
- booty; dirty money; loot; pillage; prise; prize; swag
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beroven plunder; rob; snatch bare; break in; break into a house; commit burglary; exploit; rob; strip; take advantage of
leegplunderen loot; pillage; plunder; raid loot
plunderen loot; pillage; plunder; raid cadge; collar; empty; expropriate; filch; go thieving; gut; loot; make off with; nick; pilfer; pinch; purloin; ransack; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; strip bare; swipe; take; take away
roven loot; pillage; plunder; raid; rob; snatch cadge; collar; expropriate; filch; go thieving; make off with; nick; pilfer; pinch; purloin; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away
uitplunderen loot; pillage; plunder; raid clean out; fleece; strip; take someone to the cleaner's
- despoil; foray; loot; pillage; ransack; rape; reave; rifle; sack; spoil; strip; violate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- extort contributions from; overtax

Related Words for "plunder":

  • plundering

Synonyms for "plunder":

Related Definitions for "plunder":

  1. goods or money obtained illegally1
  2. destroy and strip of its possession1
  3. steal goods; take as spoils1
  4. plunder (a town) after capture1
  5. take illegally; of intellectual property1
    • This writer plundered from famous authors1

Wiktionary Translations for plunder:

  1. to take all the goods of, by force (as in war) (transitive)
  2. to take by force or wrongfully
  3. to commit robbery or looting (intransitive)
  4. to use or use up wrongfully
  1. instance of plundering
  2. loot attained by plundering
  1. iemand met geweld zijn bezit ontnemen
  2. iemand geld afzetten

Cross Translation:
plunder bekoren; charmeren; in verrukking brengen; verrukken; buitmaken; plunderen; roven; stropen; ontroven ravirenlever de force, emporter avec violence.