Detailed Translations for pull to from English to Dutch

pull to:

to pull to verb (pulls to, pulled to, pulling to)

  1. to pull to
    aantrekken; dichttrekken
    • aantrekken verb (trek aan, trekt aan, trok aan, trokken aan, aangetrokken)
    • dichttrekken verb (trek dicht, trekt dicht, trok dicht, trokken dicht, dichtgetrokken)
  2. to pull to (shut; close; pull shut)
    sluiten; dichtdoen; toedoen; dichtmaken; toetrekken
    • sluiten verb (sluit, sloot, sloten, gesloten)
    • dichtdoen verb (doe dicht, doet dicht, deed dicht, deden dicht, dichtgedaan)
    • toedoen verb (doe toe, doet toe, deed toe, deden toe, toegedaan)
    • dichtmaken verb (maak dicht, maakt dicht, maakte dicht, maakten dicht, dichtgemaakt)
    • toetrekken verb (trek toe, trekt toe, trok toe, trokken toe, toegetrokken)

Conjugations for pull to:

  1. pull to
  2. pull to
  3. pulls to
  4. pull to
  5. pull to
  6. pull to
simple past
  1. pulled to
  2. pulled to
  3. pulled to
  4. pulled to
  5. pulled to
  6. pulled to
present perfect
  1. have pulled to
  2. have pulled to
  3. has pulled to
  4. have pulled to
  5. have pulled to
  6. have pulled to
past continuous
  1. was pulling to
  2. were pulling to
  3. was pulling to
  4. were pulling to
  5. were pulling to
  6. were pulling to
  1. shall pull to
  2. will pull to
  3. will pull to
  4. shall pull to
  5. will pull to
  6. will pull to
continuous present
  1. am pulling to
  2. are pulling to
  3. is pulling to
  4. are pulling to
  5. are pulling to
  6. are pulling to
  1. be pulled to
  2. be pulled to
  3. be pulled to
  4. be pulled to
  5. be pulled to
  6. be pulled to
  1. pull to!
  2. let's pull to!
  3. pulled to
  4. pulling to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pull to:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aantrekken alluring; attiring; attracting; charming; clothing; dressing; inviting; pull; tempting
dichtdoen blocking; closing
dichtmaken barrier; close-down; closing; locking; partition; shutting
toedoen doing
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aantrekken pull to advertise; advertize; draw new members; dress; employ; engage; hire; make propaganda; publish; put on; recruit; sign on; solicit
dichtdoen close; pull shut; pull to; shut button up; close; draw; lock; lock up; shut
dichtmaken close; pull shut; pull to; shut bind; close; demarcate; fence off; lock; plug; put under seal; seal; shut; stop up
dichttrekken pull to
sluiten close; pull shut; pull to; shut close; draw; lock; shut
toedoen close; pull shut; pull to; shut close; draw; shut
toetrekken close; pull shut; pull to; shut

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