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  1. realistic:


Detailed Translations for realistic from English to Dutch


realistic adj

  1. realistic (true-to-nature; realistically)
  2. realistic

Translation Matrix for realistic:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
natuurgetrouw realistic; realistically; true-to-nature
realistisch realistic; realistically; true-to-nature
reëel realistic actually; certainly; definitely; effectively; factually; genuinely; in fact; indeed; real; really; sure; sure enough; surely; truly; truthfully
- naturalistic

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Related Definitions for "realistic":

  1. aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are1
    • a realistic description1
    • a realistic view of the possibilities1
    • a realistic appraisal of our chances1
    • the actors tried to create a realistic portrayal of the Africans1
  2. representing what is real; not abstract or ideal1
    • realistic portraiture1
    • a realistic novel1
  3. of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of realism1
    • a realistic system of thought1