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Detailed Translations for regale from English to Dutch


to regale verb (regales, regaled, regaling)

  1. to regale (welcome; entertain)
    ontvangen; onthalen; binnenhalen; vergasten
    • ontvangen verb (ontvang, ontvangt, ontving, ontvingen, ontvangen)
    • onthalen verb (onthaal, onthaalt, onthaalde, onthaalden, onthaald)
    • binnenhalen verb (haal binnen, haalt binnen, haalde binnen, haalden binnen, binnengehaald)
    • vergasten verb (vergast, vergastte, vergastten, vergast)
  2. to regale (treat; stand treat)
    trakteren; fuiven
    • trakteren verb (trakteer, trakteert, trakteerde, trakteerden, getrakteerd)
    • fuiven verb (fuif, fuift, fuifde, fuifden, gefuifd)
  3. to regale (feast; banquet)
    smikkelen; savoureren; smullen; lekker eten
    • smikkelen verb (smikkel, smikkelt, smikkelde, smikkelden, gesmikkeld)
    • savoureren verb (savoureer, savoureert, savoureerde, savoureerden, gesavoureerd)
    • smullen verb (smul, smult, smulde, smulden, gesmuld)
    • lekker eten verb (eet lekker, at lekker, aten lekker, lekker gegeten)
  4. to regale (treat; stand treat; do someone well)
    fuiven; feestelijk onthalen; fêteren

Conjugations for regale:

  1. regale
  2. regale
  3. regales
  4. regale
  5. regale
  6. regale
simple past
  1. regaled
  2. regaled
  3. regaled
  4. regaled
  5. regaled
  6. regaled
present perfect
  1. have regaled
  2. have regaled
  3. has regaled
  4. have regaled
  5. have regaled
  6. have regaled
past continuous
  1. was regaling
  2. were regaling
  3. was regaling
  4. were regaling
  5. were regaling
  6. were regaling
  1. shall regale
  2. will regale
  3. will regale
  4. shall regale
  5. will regale
  6. will regale
continuous present
  1. am regaling
  2. are regaling
  3. is regaling
  4. are regaling
  5. are regaling
  6. are regaling
  1. be regaled
  2. be regaled
  3. be regaled
  4. be regaled
  5. be regaled
  6. be regaled
  1. regale!
  2. let's regale!
  3. regaled
  4. regaling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for regale:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
binnenhalen entertain; regale; welcome bring in; get; obtain; take in
feestelijk onthalen do someone well; regale; stand treat; treat
fuiven do someone well; regale; stand treat; treat
fêteren do someone well; regale; stand treat; treat
lekker eten banquet; feast; regale
onthalen entertain; regale; welcome
ontvangen entertain; regale; welcome accept; collect; receive
savoureren banquet; feast; regale
smikkelen banquet; feast; regale
smullen banquet; feast; regale banquet; eat heartily; feast; have a gourmet; tuck in
trakteren regale; stand treat; treat treat
vergasten entertain; regale; welcome
- treat

Related Words for "regale":

Synonyms for "regale":

Related Definitions for "regale":

  1. provide with choice or abundant food or drink1

Wiktionary Translations for regale:

  1. To provide a meal and entertainment

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